50Penny Challenge 
50 Penny Challenge.

To join the 50 penny e-mail me at [email protected]

The 50 Penny Challenge is to take 50 pennies and hand them to 50 different people.  As you give them the penny, you say something like " A penny may not have much value, but the words on it are priceless. IN GOD WE TRUST.  This penny is a reminder you can trust GOD with every thing in your life." 

You will get different reactions, and that is okay.   Some people may not want a penny, that is fine, don't try to force them to take one.  Most people will be thrilled that you took time to speak to them.  If you are willing to listen, many people will share their problems with you.  Remind them that they can trust GOD.  If you feel confortable with praying for people, you can ask them if they would like you to pray for them.  Most people will say yes, so pray with them.

If you have a story from your 50 penny challenge that you would like to share,  e-mail me at [email protected] .
Please include your name and email address.  If your story is used in the next 50 penny challenge book, I will e-mail you a free copy before the book is published.

Thank you for joining the 50 PENNY CHALLENGE!