I am a Christian lady.

While I do not have all the answers, I believe all of the answers are in the Bible.  My hearts desire is to help people find the answers to their problems, in the Bible.

My prayer is that through this website and the books I write, people will be able to find answers to their questions in the Bible.
The tools that I use to find the answers in the Bible:
Years of studying the Bible
E-sword (great for doing word searches)
Over the years of teaching Bible studies, I have found that most people want to know what GOD says about their life issues.  They just don't know where to start looking in the Bible for those answers.  I want to help you discover the answers in the Bible.
I post on Saturdays.  If you have a question or topic you would like to see on Life Blog, I will try to address it in a week or two, or send you a personal email about it.
Please feel free to leave a question for the blog on the contact page.  This will be kept private, I will never use your name on the blog without your permission.